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Herbs and Vegetables

Meet Katie


I have always been excited about growing my own food and even in my very first apartment, I had a small compost bin and tomato plant on my balcony. Today I live in Florissant with my husband and we have a blast with our backyard garden! For us, composting has become a regular part of our routine. We collect food waste from cooking and regularly take it out to our personal compost pile in the back. Then we let nature take over to break the food waste down into nutrient-rich soil to put into our garden which has the added benefit of reducing what we send to the landfill.

My hope is that even those of you who don't have the time, space, or confidence to compost at home would be able to take advantage of this wonderful, natural process. I would love for Componic to make food waste collection a regular part of the lives of the families of Florissant & Hazelwood as we all work together to reduce waste!

And if you see us making a pickup in your neighborhood, give a wave and a smile. We love meeting new neighbors.

NOW AVAILABLE IN FLORISSANT & HAZELWOOD, MO: 63031, 63033, 63034, 63042
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